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1. After your payment has been made; Please, wait 3 business days for your listing to appear on our search engine.


2. In order for us to receive your listing; Do not send e-mail attachments nor documents. Everything should be text-based and sent within the body of your e-mail.

3. Please, send your resume or job opening listing to
4. For Job Opening Listings, Please include an expiration date of your job opening.
5.  Listing Restrictions: Job Directory USA prohibits the listing or sale of any item that is illegal to sell under any applicable law, statute, ordinance, or regulation. It is your responsibility to sell only legal goods and services and you must make sure that what you list for sale on the Site is legal and conforms to all the legal requirements of your local, state, provincial, federal or foreign law and regulations. Items prohibited or restricted for posting on Job Directory include but are not limited to:
o Academic, Beta or OEM Software
o Copyright or Trademark-Sensitive Goods
o Counterfeit or Knock-Off Goods (including currency & stamps)
o Fireworks, Explosives, & Hazardous Materials
o Gambling Items, Government IDs
o Goods Made From Protected Animal/Plant Species
o Hacking/Surveillance/Interception/Descrambling Equipment
o Human Parts, Bodily Fluids & Human Remains
o Illegal Drugs, Drug Paraphernalia, Steroids, & Other Controlled Substances
o Individual Contracts or Non-Transferable Items
o Items Subject to Embargo
o Offensive Material (items that promote hatred, violence, racism, or intolerance)
o Police-Related Items
o Prescription/OTC Drugs & Medical Devices
o Recalled Items, Stocks, Bonds & Securities
o Stolen Property or Items Used For Theft
o Weapons & Ammunition
o The sale of alcohol to persons not of lawful age
o The sale of tobacco products to persons not of lawful age
o PORNOGRAPHY OF ANY SORT ( images, movies, any sexual content, etc. etc)

6. Content Policy: You agree not to post any Offensive Content on the Site or post any links or URL's (web addresses) to sites containing Offensive Content. "Offensive Content" includes, without limitation, words, images, sounds or other content which: (i) is profane, obscene or involves child pornography; (ii) denigrates a class of people because of their race, religion, country of origin, sexual orientation or gender; (iii) depicts violent or criminal acts, perpetrators or victims of violence or crime, or seeks to incite violence or crime; (iv) relates or pertains to any "hate group," i.e., groups that are organized in part to promote the oppression of or assert the supremacy of any class of people; or (v) contains defamatory or libelous statements or unlawfully disparaging remarks or threats.


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